Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Emma Chapter 1 Questions and Small Description

Hey Guys,
so I just started reading a book called Emma for my English Literature so I'm going to be blogging a small description of the chapter and I'll also be answering some of the questions for the chapter.

The first chapter tells you about the background of Emma and about the friendship between her and the governess Miss Taylor. Near the end of the chapter Mr. Knightley comments on Emma's matchmaking skills and how Miss Taylor must be so happy in her new home.

Question 1: What is your initial impression of Emma? Quote a description of her that influences your view.

Answer: I think that Emma is a nice girl who just want's to make others happy by giving them love. "I promise you to make none for myself, papa ; but I must, indeed for other people." That is something Emma said that made me think this.

Question 2: What is the nature of Emma’s relationship with her long-time governess, Miss Taylor?

Answer: I believe that Emma and Miss Taylor were the usual best friends you see now, they were basically sisters and I doubt you could have separated them when they were younger.

Question 3: What event has taken Miss Taylor away from Hartfield, and how is this both a positive and negative occurrence?

Answer: Miss Taylor is now married and has moved into a new house with her new husband that is only .5 miles from Emma's house. This is good because now Miss Taylor can be happy and only has to take care of one person instead of two. The bad side is that now Emma's bestie has moved away and it will be a little harder for them to get together and talk, also now Emma and Mr. Woodhouse have to take care of themselves.

Question 4: Would Emma find it difficult to find a new companion?

Answer: I think because of Emma and Miss Taylor's strong connection that it would be hard for Emma to move on and find someone new to rely on.

Thank you for reading my take on the first chapter of Emma, Expect more soon.


Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Hey guys,
I had to change my history book and do world history because I've been doing biblical history all my life and never did world history in 8th grade like I was supposed to. But anyways, I have a really hard time understanding the questions they ask me and I have a hard time finding anything to answer the questions which means I fail. Hopefully I get better at finding things but I don't think I will. I wish history wasn't mandatory for school. Also I have the day off today because most of  my friends have the day off too. Also Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!! Bye!!! Love ya!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chapter 17

Hey guys,
now i skipped a bunch of chapters, so today i'm gonna tell you what has happened since last time. First of all the cat Horton, is back and he shall never leave again. Johnny has come home, and it took a while, but Horton forgives Johnny for leaving him. Johnny came back with his dad and Lisa, (his dads wife) Lisa and her baby are doing well, they are both in good health. They're dad brought them a bunch of gifts, its all food, lamps, cloths and wood. After a while, thy're mom decided to throw a little party, so she invited Peter and Mrs. Nesbitt to come for a few hours that night. They're mom said something about the world ending, and Lisa had to go to the guestroom for the night, so they're dad followed. Mrs. Nesbitt had brought some wine so everyone including Johnny had a glass or two, and they chatted all night long. A week or two later, they're dad and Lisa left, after that they're mom fell and sprained her ankle. She wasn't aloud to walk around the house for a while, so she and Miranda slept in the kitchen, while Matt and Johnny slept in the sun room. And just as she was getting better she fell again and made it worst. Mrs. Nesbitt died and left everything to them, the boys got a painting, and the girls got jewelry and a scrapbook. Done!!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter 8

In chapter 8, Miranda had accidentally let their cat Horton out at night, and he doesn't want to come home. She and her mom get into a fight about her younger bother Johnny and his health. She and her family go out everyday to search for Horton, but there is no sign of him. Matt her older brother then joins her on the porch, and tells her that Horton may not come back, because he might have been eaten by someone that is very hungry.

That's all for today. Don't forget to comment and ask me questions. See you tomorrow, bye.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Reading Book!

Hey guys, so i'm reading a new book for school, well it's not really for school, but i got no other books. This book is called, "Life As We Knew It". It's an awesome book about how the world is basically coming to an end. It's from this girl Miranda's point of view. It's a great book and i'm gonna tell you about what's happening tomorrow in Summer chapter 8.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grammar Sentences & Spelling Words.

Grammar Sentences:

1: I've been working diligently,  ever since last week.

2: Kelly jumped joyfully, after hearing a puppy cry from inside her birthday gift.

3: Em started singing softly, for baby Julie.

Spelling Words:

1: Overflowed

2: Despite

3: Vocation

4: Defect

5: Subdued

6: Contrary

7: Animation

8: Consciousness

9: Expectation-Feelings about how something is going to be

10: Enthusiast-A person who gets very excited about a particular thing

11: Impulsiveness-Doing things without taking time for careful thought

12: Languidly-Slowly; Limply; Weakly

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School Girl is Back!!!

Hey guys, I'm back with more school. Today i got Math (Done), Spelling (Done), Grammar (Done), Science (Done), Reading (Done) and maybe some writing. So you will be hearing from me more often. Hope you enjoy my stuff bye!