Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chapter 17

Hey guys,
now i skipped a bunch of chapters, so today i'm gonna tell you what has happened since last time. First of all the cat Horton, is back and he shall never leave again. Johnny has come home, and it took a while, but Horton forgives Johnny for leaving him. Johnny came back with his dad and Lisa, (his dads wife) Lisa and her baby are doing well, they are both in good health. They're dad brought them a bunch of gifts, its all food, lamps, cloths and wood. After a while, thy're mom decided to throw a little party, so she invited Peter and Mrs. Nesbitt to come for a few hours that night. They're mom said something about the world ending, and Lisa had to go to the guestroom for the night, so they're dad followed. Mrs. Nesbitt had brought some wine so everyone including Johnny had a glass or two, and they chatted all night long. A week or two later, they're dad and Lisa left, after that they're mom fell and sprained her ankle. She wasn't aloud to walk around the house for a while, so she and Miranda slept in the kitchen, while Matt and Johnny slept in the sun room. And just as she was getting better she fell again and made it worst. Mrs. Nesbitt died and left everything to them, the boys got a painting, and the girls got jewelry and a scrapbook. Done!!!