Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter 8

In chapter 8, Miranda had accidentally let their cat Horton out at night, and he doesn't want to come home. She and her mom get into a fight about her younger bother Johnny and his health. She and her family go out everyday to search for Horton, but there is no sign of him. Matt her older brother then joins her on the porch, and tells her that Horton may not come back, because he might have been eaten by someone that is very hungry.

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Reading Book!

Hey guys, so i'm reading a new book for school, well it's not really for school, but i got no other books. This book is called, "Life As We Knew It". It's an awesome book about how the world is basically coming to an end. It's from this girl Miranda's point of view. It's a great book and i'm gonna tell you about what's happening tomorrow in Summer chapter 8.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Grammar Sentences & Spelling Words.

Grammar Sentences:

1: I've been working diligently,  ever since last week.

2: Kelly jumped joyfully, after hearing a puppy cry from inside her birthday gift.

3: Em started singing softly, for baby Julie.

Spelling Words:

1: Overflowed

2: Despite

3: Vocation

4: Defect

5: Subdued

6: Contrary

7: Animation

8: Consciousness

9: Expectation-Feelings about how something is going to be

10: Enthusiast-A person who gets very excited about a particular thing

11: Impulsiveness-Doing things without taking time for careful thought

12: Languidly-Slowly; Limply; Weakly

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School Girl is Back!!!

Hey guys, I'm back with more school. Today i got Math (Done), Spelling (Done), Grammar (Done), Science (Done), Reading (Done) and maybe some writing. So you will be hearing from me more often. Hope you enjoy my stuff bye!