Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hugo Part 2 of the book chapter 1.

Hello everyone, so sorry that i haven't been righting about hugo, i just haven't been reading it, but today i read the first chapter of the second half, so hear are the Questions for today.

1. How did you feel when you saw the name on the drawing? Answer: I was surprised.

2. Did you feel bad for Hugo when he broke his hand? Answer: Yes and i was sad and depressed, because i like Hugo.

3. Are you mad that Isabelle is being mean to Hugo? Answer: Yes i was vary mad and also sad.

Well i guess that's all for the Questions, and now for my thoughts on this chapter.

Well i don't like Isabelle anymore because hurt Hugo, and she was vary mean to him.

I'm really glad that the god mother is nice, and i'm glad that she helped Hugo with his hand, and gave him ice.

Well that's we have for today, see you guys and gals tomorrow, ok bye.

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