Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekdays Question 36

If your parents were the children and you were the parent, what household rules would you make? Why? If your parents broke the rules, how would you punish them? Why would that be the punishment?


1)Don’t misbehave.                                                  

2)Don’t run off                                                        

3)Hold my hand when we cross the street or/ parking lot.                                                                            

4)Don’t scream.                                                         


6)No scooters,bikes,ramps, ext, in the house.             

7)Don’t talk to strangers.                                           

8)Eat your asparagus.

Why: So we can have a good, and steady life.

Brakes rules: If they broke a rule like doesn’t eat there asparagus, or screams, They go in timeout for 3 hours with no dinner, and no electronics.

Why that punishment?: Because it works, and the other ones are boring.

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