Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chapter 6.

Hey guys welcome back and today's chapter is chapter 6, well first lets see some of my comments about this chapter.

I love the girl so much, she is a genus,because she ether.
A. Stole the notebook and replaced it with a book.
B. Copied the notebook.
C. None of the above
I hate the old man he is no goody two shoes.
I cant wait to see the note from the mechanical man, i hope its really cool.

Now lets do some questions.

1.How would you describe Hugo's character if you only read about the care he took with the clocks?Why?.
He really love clocks and he cares about his father and his grandfather's work, and he is a vary sweet kid. Because he took good care of the clocks and he did it for like 2 months so he needs some credit.

2. Explain why the old man said, "I hope the snow covers everything so all the footsteps are silenced, and the whole city can be at peace."
Well that's hard to answer so i think ill answer that next time, ok well i think that's all for that question. NEXT!

3.What where you surprised about.
 I was surprised when that letter appeared, and it said on the back "your notebook didn't get burned."

Well that's all for today see you next week, and please leave a message and ask me some Questions too, i hope you enjoyed.

Thank You!!!


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