Monday, May 14, 2012

Welcome/Hugo Chapter 1-2

Hello I'm Anna and this is my Blog Now First i'd like to let you know that this blog is about my school work and that I'm home school'd so now lets get started.

Well today we are going to talk about the Hugo book and answer some Questions for the first and second chapter.

1 Question. What did you think was important about it?  1 Answer. I thought that Hugo and his notebook were vary important, because they have a relationship, and i also think that the girl is important, because she was the first person that i knew had a notebook too, and she was the first person they talked about.

2 Question. What did you learn from these chapters?  2 Answer. Well, I learned that Hugo is a vary scared little boy who works hard, and needs his notebook for several reasons.

3 Question. What do you think of  the characters?  3 Answer. I think that the boy is amazing and brave, i don't really like the old man in the toy booth, cause he's mean, and the girl i think i will like her allot.

I hope you like and read this book. Thank you so much for reading this and please feel free to ask me questions.

The author of this book: Brian Selzinck.  Name of book: The Invention Of Hugo Cabret. 
Does this book have a medal: Yes. Name of Medal: The Caldecott Medal.


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  1. Sounds like a very interesting book! I can't wait to hear more about it!