Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chapters 4-5

Hey guys so I'm back for chapters 4-5, ok so, first lets start with what I have to say about these chapter.

I noticed that, Hugo is doing the best he can to be strong and find a way to get his notebook back, but i think that he's not doing this for him i think he's doing it for his father, and Hugo has some hard times and i just think that its so sweat that he's finishing what his father started, but its harder then he thinks.
I was so surprised when Hugo got pushed to the ground, and when they told the story of how Hugo got interested with this ...thing that his father found.
It seems like the girl isn't helping him, but she kind of is by not helping him, you know what i mean, its a little herd to explain it, but its how she helps him that its just so strange.

Well now time for the Questions.

1. Did you like these chapters? I loved them, but the 4th chapter was short.

2. What did you like/dislike about the 4th/5th chapter? I like the 5th chapter because they tell you how Hugo found this toy.

3. would you like to read even more? Yes.

Well that's it for today, please leave a message and ask me some Questions too, i hope you enjoyed.

Thank You!!!


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  1. Very good observation about why he is trying to fix the automaton and about the girl! Awesome job!